Membership in Intervention Trainings has two levels — full access for $395 to join and $49 per year after the first year. Initial membership entitles you to all benefits for one year. Benefits include:

  • One full, live training program (101 or 102)
  • Access to all curriculum downloads
  • Access to one full set of videos of a recorded 101 training program.
  • Inclusion in interventionist networking events and programs.

NOTE: When you enroll in an Intervention Training, you are automatically enrolled in Full Access Membership in Intervention Trainings for one year. You do not need to join here. Membership credentials will automatically be sent to you. Future years at $49 are optional, but do give you continued access to your curriculum downloads and videos.

We also offer a free membership, which signs you up for emails about future training, and inclusion in interventionist networking events and programs.

Interventionist in Training $395.00 now and then $49.00 per Year. Select
FREE Membership Free. Select

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