I just wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude for the incredible course you both led. Your professionalism and wisdom made all the difference and I feel more prepared to step into the intervention side of the business when the time comes. Your expertise and guidance throughout the course were nothing short of inspiring. I learned invaluable skills and gained a deeper understanding of what it takes to become a certified professional interventionist. Your passion for helping those in need is evident, and I feel privileged to have been a part of this group. 

Vancouver, Canada

My name is Howard. I participated in the intervention 101 three-day training with a focused-on intervention theory and practices. It gave me exactly what I needed to understand and to be clearer on the various intervention models. I’m grateful for this training it was professional with so many presenters on various topics. I strongly suggest taking this training as your first step in learning about interventions. Thank you, Patti and Ed!

Howard, Florida

CanAm Interventions was integral in starting my own company Day One Intervention in Alberta, Canada, by Applying the Theory and practices along with the Supervision Training has led me to a rewarding Opportunity for creating a Road to Recovery for all those who want the gift of sobriety. Thank you Canam Intervention Training for the life changing knowledge , that continues to make a difference in the families affected by addiction.  

                                                                                   Michelle, Calgary Alberta, Canada

Patricia Pike and, both of whom have extensive knowledge and experience in the field of substance abuse disorder, mental health conditions, interventions and case management. In both the intervention 101 three-day ONLINE training and intervention 102 eight-week ONLINE training, I learned communication, business development, the history of interventions, intervention theory and practices, family systems, crisis intervention, case management, legal protections, professional networking skills, ethical standards, and CIP certification process. The presenters are happy to teach and pass on this information for the betterment of society as a whole, the compassion from Patricia and Ed is clear as day. The information given is vast yet well-organized with this information one can put together a practical business to begin to help people and families in need.

                                                                                                   Nathan Gist CADC Bolinas, California

As someone who is in recovery, as well as a recovery coach, Helping others in their addiction. I wanted to take the intervention courses 101-102 with Patti and Ed. I am grateful that I made the decision to do so. The course was organized in a way that allowed the class to interact and share their experience. The material was through and support provided by Patti and Ed during the entire course. I would definitely do it again if given the opportunity.

                                                                                                          Kim H, Ontario, Canada


i’   ve had the great pleasure and opportunity to learn from the best. Patti Pike and Ed Storti bring tremendous experience to your training in becoming a Certified Intervention Professional. Not only do they share the expert intricacies of their profession, they bring their passion to your learning experience. Their connections in the field are evident with their long list of highly qualified and inspirational guest speakers. It has been an invaluable experience. I highly recommend both courses they have produced and facilitate: Intervention 101, and, 102”. –

                                                                                                Jennifer Hudson, Ottawa, Canada–

in 2018 I went to Nova Scotia to do training with CanAm Interventions facilitated by Patti Pike. I was taken aback, as someone who has been in the recovery field for many years and been involved with many interventions to learn what I did in those 3 short days. 

What impressed me was Patti’s professionalism with many years of experience. The knowledge and wisdom that she has accumulated and brought to a program and team that fills in all the gaps to make a professional out of anyone. Thank you CanAm Interventions and Patti for the opportunity that you brought into my life and the amazing career that has developed as a result of your training.


                                                                                                                Rocky , Ontario, Canada

I attended CanAm’s Intervention trainings 101 and 102 in the summer and fall of 2022.  Thank goodness I did!  I knew that I wanted to be an interventionist.  I just didn’t know how to “start”!  Patti and Ed were and have been instrumental in my pursuit of CIP certification process.  Not only did they show us how to be a great clinical interventionist, but, just as important they showed us how to run our business.  The experts they brought in to present and the business forms that were shared with us have been invaluable in my own intervention business.  I would and have recommended Patti and Ed’s certification classes to anyone that is serious about their intervention practice.


                                                                                                John Adams – JA Recovery

                                                                                                       Indianapolis, IN

I had the pleasure of attending Patti’s training both in-person & virtually and I cannot express how valuable it has been in my role as an Interventionist. The information and skills I acquired continue to enhance my practice. The speakers were experts in their field and presented the material in a clear and concise manner. The hands-on activities allowed me to practice and refine my skills, while the case studies provided real-life scenarios that brought everything together. 

What I appreciated most about the training was the opportunity to network and collaborate with other professionals in the field. We were encouraged to share our own experiences and insights, which contributed to a rich and dynamic learning experience. The supportive atmosphere allowed for open discussion and learning from one another.

I highly recommend the training. Either in person or virtual to anyone looking to enhance their skills and knowledge in the field.


                                                                                       Patricia Ann Goldman, Montreal, Canada

Hello there. My name is Michael Hughes. I and 1 hour North of San Francisco in Sonoma. Never have I had informational training presented so professionally as I did with Patti, and Ed. I’m very much looking forward to furthering my informational journey towards becoming certified interventionist with Patti, and Ed. Regards, Michael Hughes

                                                                                                          Sonoma, California

CanAm intervention training was a wonderful educational introduction for me as I am beginning a new career in intervention work. Educational slideshows were utilized each session, but my personal favorite were the speakers brought on to share their experience as either an interventionist or working in the addiction / mental health field. Patti, Ed, and Bill are full of wisdom as they have decades of experience. All 3 of them motivate me to be a better woman not only professionally but personally.


                                                                                              Kelsey Huntington Beach, California

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