Strengthening Recovery Solutions in the Professional Community:

CanAm Interventions 101 is an orientation training program that focuses on the principles, philosophies, and basics behind the most popular intervention disciplines utilized today.

This training is beneficial to those working in the addiction, mental health, medical, legal and first responder fields. “Interventions 101” gives a broad overview of what is to be expected, introduces resources, and how best to assist in the intervention process.

CanAm Interventions course work introduces terms and concepts, and then lays out the steps necessary to achieve national certification, for those aspiring to do interventions or supportive team members.

Intervention training is highly Effective Trauma-Informed & Traditional Intervention Trainings both in the United States and Canada. Addictions is a global crisis and it has never been more important to have highly effective and ethical approaches for interventions from certified and credentialed interventionists. Patricia M. Pike (LAADC, CAADC II, ICADC/CACCF & CIP.), and a board member of Association Intervention Specialist, a prominent internationally certified, and highly successful, interventionist offering a unique approach to training for interventionists or those in the treatment, recovery, health care, or associated fields. Ms. Pike is trained both in the surprise interventions model ( Johnson Model of Interventions) and the invitation intervention model ( Family Systemic Model Invitation Interventions ) attending ARISE Training focused on invitational intervention approach, BreakFree Intervention Skills Training focused on the invitation intervention model, Gateway Interventions Training and the Storti Intervention Training focused on Motivational Interviewing Solution for Active Disease and other Disorders.

Patricia Pike founder and president of CanAm Interventions was established nine years ago with a successfully proven private intervention and family case management proven practice in the United Staresandn Canada. Ms. Pike saw a great need for professional training and developed Intervention Training five year ago. She has helped literally hundreds of persons suffering from addictions and their families gain healing from the process treatment and recovery.

Patricia has an extraordinary success rate of 92% for helping those in need getting into treatment and recovery, as well as helping and facilitating the healing process for the identified patient, families, friends, associates, and employers resolving the complications and difficulties associated with untreated addiction.

Education Professional Affiliations: 

  • Certified Intervention Professional/Pennsylvania Certification Board
  • Licensed Advanced Alcohol Drug Counselor/ California
  • Certified Alcohol Drug Counselor II / California
  • International Certification & Reciprocity Consortium
  • International Certified Addiction Counselor/Canada
  • Adult Instructor Diploma (AID)/Simon Fraser Extended Program, BC, Canada
  • Education Provider/National Association for Alcoholism Drug Counselors
  • Education Provider/Canadian Addiction Counselors Certification Federations
  • Association of Intervention Specialists/Professional Affiliations (Board Member)
  • The Network of Independent Interventionists/Professional Affiliations

Get trained in interventions & learn how to work with families and gain the steps of becoming a Certified Interventionist Professional

Mission Statement: Can Am InterventionsSkills & Training 101. To enrich, inspire and educate professionals in the health care field arena. To raise the bar of professionalism, improve the quality of treatment for those struggling with addiction and complex mental health diagnoses.

Goals:Can Am Interventions Skills & Training 101. Training’s goals; to educate the professional community with evidence-based practices, specializing in professional intervention skills, case management & recovery management skills, ethics & professional liability, and business development & resources. To gain a clear understanding of professional organizations that offers intervention certifications both in Canada and the United States.

Ethical Code of Conduct & Professionalism:Can Am Interventions Trainings & Skills 101. Adheres to the Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Practice that include; CACCF, PCB/CIP, and CCAPP.

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My name is Marvin Cavanagh, I am the Executive Director of Changing Addictive Attitudes Recovery Society, also am an International Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor, with 20 years substance misuse counseling experience. I attended CanAm Intervention Training course in 2017. Patti Pike from the start to the end and after exhibited professionalism, also much support. What I personally left with was many new insights, approaches and techniques towards becoming a proficient interventionist

Executive Director: Marvin Cavanagh, ICADC, CCAC, North Vancouver, BC, Canada 2017

CanAm Interventions facilitated an three day intervention training at Together We Can Treatment Program in Vancouver, BC, Canada November 2017. I had the honor of taking the CANAM Interventions Training and Skills 101 Certificate course with Patti in Vancouver last year. I say honor because Patti’s knowledge, experience and professionalism made it one of the most useful courses I have ever attended. Patti’s intensive program prepared me to confidently and successfully run an intervention. I am grateful that I have been able to expand my skills and can offer families more help to start their healing process. Thanks Patti!!!

Vancouver, BC, Canada 2017

Patti’s intervention training was professional and informative. Many other Interventionist Trainers really do not tend to the needs of their students without some kind of fee but I witnessed first hand how Patti truly cares for the work being done in the field and her willingness to mentor individuals for the good of the entire industry.I highly recommend her intervention training to those who really want to hone their skills and gain not only a wonderful mentor, but friend and colleague for life. Evan & Eric

Burbank California June 2018

I had the honor of taking the CanAm Intervention Training and Skills 101 course with Patti in Vancouver, BC, 2017.I say honor because Patti’s knowledge, experience and professionalism made it one of the most useful courses I have ever attended. Patti’s intensive course prepared me to confident and successfully facilitating interventions services. I have now launch private intervention practice in Vancouver, BC, Canada . I am very grateful to Patti and her professional mentorship so I could expand my skills to offer families professional support and start their healing process.

Vancouver, BC Canada, 2018 ,

Obtain a clear understanding of practical Intervention Skills and approaches, business development, family case management skills and gain the steps to become a Certified Intervention Professional (CIP).

IT will provide a download manual and a PowerPoint presentation that outlines six modules with a focused-on intervention approaches, case management & continuum of care, addiction and behavioral health information, professional organizations & ethics, and business development. A professional interventionist specializes in the behaviors of addiction and/or other complex mental health diagnoses.

  • Addiction counselors
  • Interventionist
  • Psychotherapist
  • Lawyers
  • Admission workers
  • Family case management workers
  • Addiction doctors
  • Treatment providers
  • Social workers
  • College students
  • Earn CEU’s for Re-certification
  • Recovery coach workers
  • Recovery transport persons
  • Professional consultant
  • Medical personnel staff
  • Health care workers
  • Business development persons

What is an Intervention?

A professional intervention is an unconditionally loving non-judgmental lifesaving effort, directed by a professional interventionist, which friends and relatives perform a great act of love. Lead by a trained interventionist for untreated persons that are struggling with addictions, mental health or trauma-related diagnoses, by providing the family and identified patient opportunities for recovery.

  • Directed by a certified interventionist that has specialization in the areas of addiction & mental health diagnoses.
  • No shaming, blaming or judgment, using a recovery message of hope, to break down the cycle of denial, to offer a way out.
  • Engaging family and friends or employers, to create a connected team of support, learning how to use recovery messages.
  • A great act of unconditional love, non-confrontational, creating an action plan for both the family and identified patient.

What’s the Success rate for Interventions?

According to research, interventions work 85% of the time. The 15% who do not seek treatment at the intervention meeting is more likely to accept treatment within two weeks if the family members are willing to follow through on the set limitations and continue to gain recovery support for the whole family unit. Interventions are a successful process that helps the whole family and friends understand the cycle of addiction also it helps to create recovery resources.

  • 85% success rate of IP’s accept treatment on the day of the intervention.
  • 15% of IP’s access treatment within two weeks of intervention.
  • Families set healthy boundaries and create limitations with professional help.
  • Supportive recovery resources and aftercare services offered to the family.
  • Family creates recovery messages to break the cycle of denial.

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