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  • Framework of Case Management
  • Ethics, Laws and Practices
  • The Influence of Mental Health Disorders

  • Case Management Framework: Coordinating and Monitoring On-Going Treatment

  • The Principles and Philosophies of Intervention
  • Patterns and Traits of Addiction
  • Mock Case Studies and Breakout Rooms

Dr. Karlyn Pleasants

Topic: Working with co-occurring clients – The Influence of Mental Health Disorders

Adam Santos

Topic: Intervention: Live from The Frontlines

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What Others are Saying About Intervention Trainings

My name is Marvin Cavanagh, I am the Executive Director of Changing Addictive Attitudes Recovery Society, also am an International Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor, with 20 years substance misuse counseling experience. I attended CanAm Intervention Training course in 2017. Patti Pike from the start to the end and after exhibited professionalism, also much support. What I personally left with was many new insights, approaches and techniques towards becoming a proficient interventionist

Executive Director: Marvin Cavanagh, ICADC, CCAC, North Vancouver, BC, Canada

CanAm Interventions facilitated an three day intervention training at Together We Can Treatment Program in Vancouver, BC, Canada November 2017. I had the honor of taking the CANAM Interventions Training and Skills 101 Certificate course with Patti in Vancouver last year. I say honor because Patti’s knowledge, experience and professionalism made it one of the most useful courses I have ever attended. Patti’s intensive program prepared me to confidently and successfully run an intervention. I am grateful that I have been able to expand my skills and can offer families more help to start their healing process. Thanks Patti!!!

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Patti’s intervention training was professional and informative. Many other Interventionist Trainers really do not tend to the needs of their students without some kind of fee but I witnessed first hand how Patti truly cares for the work being done in the field and her willingness to mentor individuals for the good of the entire industry.I highly recommend her intervention training to those who really want to hone their skills and gain not only a wonderful mentor, but friend and colleague for life. Evan & Eric

Burbank California

I had the honor of taking the CanAm Intervention Training and Skills 101 course with Patti in Vancouver, BC, 2017.I say honor because Patti’s knowledge, experience and professionalism made it one of the most useful courses I have ever attended. Patti’s intensive course prepared me to confident and successfully facilitating interventions services. I have now launch private intervention practice in Vancouver, BC, Canada . I am very grateful to Patti and her professional mentorship so I could expand my skills to offer families professional support and start their healing process.

Vancouver, BC Canada,

Professional Testimony from Intervention Trainings



Clinical Training and Provider Connection

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