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Build professional relationships with treatment programs and other professionals. 

  1. Professional resources 
  2.  Professional supervision 
  3. Collaboration with treatment providers
  4. Build your professional business
  5. Learn to become a certified intervention professional (CIP)

Welcome to Imagine Recovery A place where substance misuse and mental health are treated with cutting-edge therapies, care, understanding and personal connection in an intimate, stigma-free setting. “There’s visionary work going on at Imagine, where love, dedication, and deep understanding of behavioral health are the touchstones for all who pass through its stained-glass doors. Yet the hope and healing generated in this charming uptown cottage reach far beyond its walls. Imagine’s steady heartbeat is the engine of transformation in so many lives, a true example of the alchemic possibilities of treatment. I feel privileged to be a part of this quirky and accepting family and honored to witness its expanding ripple of recovery.” For more information visit our website: Imagine Recovery | New Orleans Addiction Recovery Center

Welcome to the Pointe, Malibu Recovery Center; We are a concierge inpatient treatment program committed to personal, individualized attention, of the kind someone like you deserves. We provide specially customized substance abuse treatment, complemented by concierge-style service amid ultra-luxury. Our philosophy is rooted in a complete continuum of care, fortified by the four-pillared support of our Integrated Care Alliance, with the goal of lifting your mind, body, and spirit. Rather than being punished for your disease, we believe you should have every opportunity and resource at your disposal to heal properly and reclaim your exceptional life located in Malibu, California. For more information visit our website:

Welcome to Cirque Lodge a luxury Alcohol and Drug Rehab Center in Utah – Private and Exclusive. Cirque Lodge is one of the country’s most exclusive, trusted, and advanced drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers. Situated in the serene Rocky Mountains of Utah, we offer an enriching rehabilitation experience in a tranquil setting. Our inpatient treatment program strives to provide rehab facilities (Lodge Studio) and mental health services in the perfect place for healing. Luxury Alcohol And Drug Rehab Center in Utah – Cirque Lodge.


Welcome to the Foundry Treatment Program; At Foundry, we believe that a long-term, comprehensive program that incorporates the 4-pillars of complete addiction treatment will bring about potential for permanent recovery. The process of the Foundry, in 1911, my great-grandfather took over a struggling grey iron foundry in Auburn, Indiana. Auburn Foundry eventually expanded from that one plant in Indiana to six manufacturing facilities operating in four countries. The company remained family owned and operated until its sale to a German Investment Firm in 2008. Our Trauma – integrated Care Model comprehensively addresses substance abuse disorders and the effects of developmental trauma, PTSD, and adverse life events. For more information visit our website:


Stay in contact with program directors for support, mentorship, referrals and professional development!. 

Best Treatment Practices

Build the best matches with treatment facilities for your clients, and stay connected to clinical staff.

Grow your Network

Lean on fellow interventionists for their specializations, partner on client cases, and grow your network.

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