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Intervention 101 Training Current Sponsors

At Global Medical Detox supportive care is available to prepare each individual patient to transition to a treatment program of their choice. Each patient will work with a counselor to help make sense of the current circumstances, evaluate prior treatment experiences, and in partnership, work to develop a comprehensive initial treatment plan to follow. The Global Medical Detox service is located on a newly refreshed 28 bed General Acute Care Unit of Menifee Valley Medical Center. The hospital campus is located on a 35 acres parcel surrounded by rolling hills, green scape, and an active citrus orchard. 

The Pointe Malibu Recovery Center, Malibu, California:  Are a concierge inpatient treatment program committed to personal, individualized attention, of the kind someone like you deserves. Rather than being punished for your disease, we believe you should have every opportunity and resource at your disposal to heal properly and reclaim your exceptional life located in Malibu, California.


Constellation Behavioral Health offers innovative treatment programs for mental health disorders, alcohol and drug addiction, and co-occurring disorders. Constellation programs include Alta Mira Recovery Programs, a nationally recognized residential addiction and dual diagnosis treatment center in Sausalito, CA, Bridges to Recovery, a leading residential mental health treatment program with luxury facilities in Beverly Hills, and BrightQuest Treatment Centers, which offers long-term treatment for individuals suffering from severe and complex mental illnesses in San Diego and Nashville.

Luxury Alcohol and Drug Rehab Center in Utah – Private and Exclusive. Cirque Lodge is one of the country’s most exclusive, trusted, and advanced drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers. Situated in the serene Rocky Mountains of Utah, we offer an enriching rehabilitation experience in a tranquil setting. Our inpatient treatment program strives to provide rehab facilities (Lodge Studio) and mental health services in the perfect place for healing. Luxury Alcohol And Drug Rehab Center in Utah – Cirque Lodge.

At Foundry, we believe that a long-term, comprehensive program that incorporates the 4-pillars of complete addiction treatment will bring about potential for permanent recovery. The process of the Foundry, in 1911, my great-grandfather took over a struggling grey iron foundry in Auburn, Indiana. Auburn Foundry eventually expanded from that one plant in Indiana to six manufacturing facilities operating in four countries. The company remained family owned and operated until its sale to a German Investment Firm in 2008. For more information visit our website:

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Professional Testimony from Intervention Trainings

Executive Director: Marvin Cavanagh, ICADC, CCAC, North Vancouver, BC, Canada
Dear Patti and Ed, Wow! What a spectacular opportunity it was to have participated in the training you provided! Every session was ripe with your passion for helping individuals and families and your compassionate attitude and perspectives were palpable and contagious. Upon completion I felt so empowered and encouraged to continue on this new path of helping others to find the joy of recovery. It was nothing short of inspiring to hear of all the different modalities that can be brought to bear on reviving someone from the grips of their addiction. It’s my hope that I can capitalize on all this new information I’ve received and launch my business in a way that is meaningful and sustainable, and that I can deliver the love and caring in a manner that would make either of you proud. It was a true gift and I thank the two of you from the bottom of my heart!! Travis March 2022 Thank you, Patti for all your ongoing support to enroll into the intervention 101, three-day training and intervention 102 eight weeks supervision training walking me through the application process for my Certified Intervention Professional Certification (CIP) – Rich, Nashville, 2022 Thank you, Patti, for providing information on intervention trainings and helping with the process of gaining my certified intervention professional certification (CIP) from PCB. Tammy, Newfoundland, Canada, 2021 Thank you, Patti for guiding me through the process of taking intervention 101, and intervention 102 supervision trainings, and directing me on to obtain, a Certified Intervention Professional Certification (CIP) – Meg, Texas, 2021 Thank you, Patti for all your help and direction on intervention 101, three-day training and intervention 102 eight weeks supervision training, and motivating me to obtain, a Certified Intervention Professional Certification (CIP) – Lesley, California, 2021 Dear Patti and Ed, thank you for Intervention 101 training, and intervention 102 supervision training. Thank you for sharing all your expertise and you’re understanding of addiction, mental health, intervention models and case management skills. It has been quite an experience. You have shown me a more effective way to educate Addiction and a better way to engage the Families. Liam, 2021 My name is Marvin Cavanagh, I am the Executive Director of Changing Addictive Attitudes Recovery Society, also am an International Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor, with 20 years substance misuse counseling experience. I attended CanAm Intervention Training course in 2017. Patti Pike from the start to the end and after exhibited professionalism, also much support. What I personally left with was many new insights, approaches and techniques towards becoming a proficient interventionist. Marvin Cavanagh, 2017
What Others are Saying about Intervention Trainings
The Intervention and Case Management (virtual online) Training in April 2021 was excellent experience. I feel much more confident and prepared to work with families using intervention approaches. I am excited to move forward with 102 Supervision. Tammy, 2021
Burbank California
CanAm Interventions facilitated a three-day intervention training at Together We Can Treatment Program in Vancouver, BC, Canada November 2017. I had the honor of taking the CANAM Interventions Training and Skills 101 Certificate course with Patti in Vancouver last year. I say honor because Patti’s knowledge, experience and professionalism made it one of the most useful courses I have ever attended. Patti’s intensive program prepared me to confidently and successfully run an intervention. I am grateful that I have been able to expand my skills and can offer families more help to start their healing process. Thanks Patti!!!


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