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Recovery Management Support Services; CanAm provides a complete continuum of services to help those struggling with addiction using a recovery management approach that can work with patients and families in the privacy of their own home. We use family consultants, companionship services and monitoring to promote personal responsibility and accountability.untitled-11

Addiction and Mental Health Referral Services Can Am offers a full range of community-based addiction and mental health referral services such as residential, outpatient, and intensive day program models.Our goal is to work closely with patients and families while patients are accessing these services. It is an extra assurance that patients can transition into the community with support networks

Aftercare Monitoring Program:

Aftercare refers to the phase of treatment that follows discharge, when the client no longer requires the intensity of primary treatment. Having a clearly designed discharge plan helps clients continue to reorient their behavior to the ongoing reality of a sober lifestyle.cropped-case-management.jpeg

Aftercare Monitoring Program is designed to allow clients to increase their independence or review their progress in overcoming addictive behaviors.

Aftercare treatment gives clients the flexibility and support to determine whether they’re ready to move forward in treatment phases and/ or whether they may need to return to a higher level of care.

Purpose of the Aftercare Monitoring Program:

  • Hold the participant accountable for their own actions
  • Help them develop responsibility for their sobriety
  • Provide assurance to family members, employers or others involved
  • Provide involved participants with a higher success rate in achieving long term sobriety

Practical Steps to Recovery Management:

  • A signed treatment contract that outlines post-treatment recovery activities, including meetings, individual sessions, urine tests, etc.
  • Reporting protocols for non-compliance with terms of the contract • Random forensic urine testing, with a minimum of four per month for the first year
  • A minimum of three weekly documented 12-Step or other Self-Help support group attendances
  • Participation in at least one weekly facilitated therapy group
  • Minimum of at least one weekly individual session
  • Minimum of at least twice monthly meetings with the Monitor or service Provider
  • Monthly written progress reports to the designated employee representative or family member

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